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You are wellcome for a warm and inspiring Shabbat meals with locals and visitors from all corners of the world.   Sing beautiful Shabbat melodies that will warm your Jewish heart, and share a L’Chaim or two! On Shabat day, we invite you for a *delicious tcholent  We look forward to greeting you! Our home is open to all, and we do not charge our guests. However, we encourage you to contribute towards our activities; your generous help will enable us to keep our home open and assist many more visitors in the future. 












Contribute  If you would like to support our work with an extra contribution, it would be very much appreciated.

As every Chabad Centre, we are responsible for all funds of our operating budget and we don’t have major local donors neither receives funds from New York, so please consider helping to continue offering all our services for tourists and locals. 

Please visit the donation page for more information on how to contribute

Shabbat Meals - Please contact us 


For a memorable Jewish experience be sure to make your reservation today! Please make your reservation no later than one week in advance. If you want to book meals, make your  reservation until Wednesday,  breakfast, lunch and dinner. 1 week in advance to guarantee delivery to the hotel  or if you want Shabbat meals, call until Wednesday  

Shabat MENU from Beit Lubavitch Leblon:

2 Chalot - Wine or Grape Juice - Meat or chicken - Rice - 2 starters (olive/eggs) - Savory biscuits - 2 salads - Grilled vegetables -Potato - Dessert - Petit fours.

Cost U$ 50 per person - You must pick up on Friday until 3 pm.

If the person wants to have dinner with a family in the community  warn 2 weeks in advance  [email protected].   If you will come for Shabbat Night, please we need the passport copies, send by e-mail: – [email protected] ph.: cel/whatsapp: +55 21 97887-6734