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Our women's Mikva for women is located in Shul facilities, Beit Lubavitch Rio, located at General Venancio Flores Street, 221- Leblon

The Mikva is a cornerstone of Jewish family life. It is used by brides before their marriage, and for married women for the duration of their child-bearing years. Private classes are available on the laws of Family Purity, of which Mikva is a part, for both brides and those long-married.

Mivkah Beit Lubavitch Rio

Due to the pandemic we are going through, the micveh is open only by scheduling.

Contact below.: 

» From Monday to Thursday

Mrs Rene Guzmán:  +5521 98643 3521

Beit Lubavitch Rio: +5521  3543 3770 

» Friday nights , Sundays and Holidays

Available by appointment only. 

For appointments please call 

Rabanit Chani Goldman: (+5521) 2512 5257 - 98934 0626